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The Lesser Known Sinus Symptoms: Fatigue, Bad Breath and Dental Pain

Most people can spot the most well-known symptoms of sinus disease:  nasal congestion, pressure in the face, discolored discharge from the nose.  But it is important to remember that more vague symptoms such as feeling run down, general fatigue, difficulty concentrating and cough can also be signs of sinusitis.  Other symptoms of sinus infection can include problems foul breath and dental pain.

In fact it can be very challenging for both patients and general medical doctors to determine if you have a sinus infection.  In our ear, nose and throat speciality we use both a history and our special nasal endoscope lights to go deep into the nose to determine if you have a sinus infection.  Using our powerful cameras and lights we can actually see the sinus drainage passageways to accurately diagnose a sinus infection and determine the best course of treatment.

Hoarse? Have you lost your singing voice?

2984281As human beings, we depend on our voice box to interact with one another. Our larynx or “voice box” lies in the neck and contains the vocal cords. Upper respiratory infections, congestion, phlegm or silent reflux can disrupt the delicate parts of the larynx and may lead to hoarseness. Polyps, vocal cord cancerous and non-cancerous growths can also lead to a change in voice. If you have noticed an alteration in your voice you should seek consultation with an ear, nose and throat specialist.

When I see a patient with hoarseness an integral part of my exam is a real time evaluation of the voice box. Using either a special mirror or a flexible scope I look at the vocal cords while I ask the patient to sing and speak. Once the exam is done I develop a comprehensive voice plan which may involve dietary, lifestyle changes, medicines or surgical intervention as needed.

Sinus Headache – New Developments

Facial pain, headache, pressure between your eyes and a runny nose are the hallmarks of “sinus headache.” Each day I see numerous patients with these problems. Usually they come with a long history of problems. Most and have found it increasingly difficult to manage their daily lives. One patient told me that she used nasal sprays and took an Advil every time her daughter had a gymnastic meet to try and “get ahead” of the possiblity of a “sinus headache.”

Today, there are exciting new developments in the evaluation and management of sinus headache. After a complete ear, nose and throat evalution, we can offer medical and surgical options to our patients that are both effective and affordable. As ENT specialists, we are the best trained physicians to untangle the various factors that may be contributing to your sinus headache. Let us partner with you to alleviate your sinus disesae and debilitating headache.

Nasal Congestion and Over the counter Nasal Sprays

352340002Imagine you wake up and your nose is completely stuffed. You have to goto work so what do you do? If you are like most people, you run to the drugstore and pick out an over the counter nasal spray.

Although these nasal decongestant sprays are very effective it is imperative to remember that they can be addictive if used over three days or more. Most of these sprays contain compounds that temporarily shrink the nasal tissues. Make sure to read the “fine print” on the bottle.

If your congestion continues for more than two days, contact an ENT specialist. We can help you tackle even the most stubborn clogged nose issues safely.

Revolution for Sinus Sufferers – Balloon Sinuplasty

572510690Each year millions of Americans are plagued with sinus infection, pain, headaches and fatigue. In the past, there were two ways of treating sinus patients: multiple medicines and surgery in the operating room.

Today, there is a new method and it has revolutionized the way I approach chronic sinus patients. Balloon sinuplasty is an in-office procedure where a tiny balloon is placed into the nose. It is inflated to open the clogged sinus passageway and then removed.

I am one of a handful of ENT specialists on Long Island certified to perform balloon sinuplasty. My patients have done extremely well and are back to work the next day. Visit and /heath–wellness.html to learn more. My patients have renewed energy and vastly improved quality of life.