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Otolaryngology i.e. Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists — We are the Sinus Pressure Experts

3453393We all have sinuses; they are air filled spaces in our skull (shown in pink). The sinuses have a lining that makes mucous to cleanse the area. This mucous then drains by a small hole called an ostia. When the ostia gets swollen or narrow the mucous stays inside the sinus and you can get a sinus infection. Many patients feel like they have a swollen sinus or sinus congestion.

Ear, nose and throat doctors spend numerous years gaining specialized knowledge on the complex anatomy, evaluation and treatment of sinus infections. We know when to use antibiotics, nasal sprays, and other pills. As Otolaryngology trained specialists we also have expert training to understand when these medical measures are not working. It is then that we can discuss office-based or operating-room procedures. We all have sinuses but when yours are giving you sinus headaches, a sensation of a swollen sinus, sinus pressure or sinus congestion, it is time to see an ear, nose and throat expert.

Chronic cough or constant headache – Could this be a sinus infection?

Each year, ear nose and throat doctors as well as other physicians diagnose 12 million cases of sinus infections. Some patients come in with complaints of sinus pressure, headache or post-nasal drip. Others feel like their sinuses are swollen. But some of the most challenging aspects of properly diagnosing a sinus infection come because so MANY DIFFERENT symptoms may result from a sinus problems.

Bad breath, throat clearing, sore throat and cough can also be sinus infection symptoms. Constant fatigue can also be a sign of a sinus problem. As E.N.T. specialists, we use tiny cameras to look deep into our patient’s noses. With the use of these nasal endoscopes we can peer into the sinus drainage passageway to see if there is a sinus infection or sinusitis.

Sinus Infections – Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor’s Forte

Did you know that it takes 13 years to become a board-certified ENT in the United States? After all of that training, it is easy to see that as Ear, Nose and Throat specialists we are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat your sinus problems.

Sinus infections are one of the most common reason patients seek medical care. As E.N.T. doctors we use specialized tools called nasal endoscopes to visualize deep into your nasal passageway so we can see if there is discharge or infection coming from your sinuses. We then give tailored medical treatment and we can accurately determine if the treatment for sinusitis has worked during your follow-up visit.

When medical therapy fails, E.N.T. doctors can perform sinus surgery. I am thrilled to be able to offer the most up to date, minimally invasive treatment for sinus infections: balloon sinuplasty. This office based, minimally invasive procedure takes about 2 hours and patients are back to work the next day. If you are having continual sinus infections, I would be happy to see you in one of our offices. You can call us at 516-431-0700 or book your appointment online from our home page.