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6380184As my patients hit the beach in Long Beach, many stop for a chili dog before heading to the ocean. Spicy foods as well citrus and chocolate can worsen reflux disease. When acid from your stomach comes up it can hit your voice box leading to laryngopharyngeal reflux (aka silent reflux or LPR).

Symptoms of LPR include phlegm, cough, change in voice and/or a feeling like there is a lump in your throat. If you have any such issues, schedule an appointment with us today.

Long Beach ENT ready for Long Beach’s ear nose and throat summer challenges

Ah, summer is here and there is no better place to be than by the beach in Long Beach, NY. But the arrival of summer brings some unique ear, nose and throat challenges. Here are a few things you can do to have fun on the beaches and stay healthy:
Summer is the #1 season for outer ear infections. Otitis externa (outer ear infections) occur when water stays in the ear canal creating a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

Keep your ears dry. Use silicone earplugs when at the beach or in the pool.
Blow dry your ears after you swim.

What to watch out for:
If you experience severe ear itching or if you have drainage from your ear, you may have an outer ear infection. See an ENT specialist as soon as possible. At Evergreen ENT in Long Beach we are ready to help you stay on track to enjoy a fantastic Long Island summer!

Long Beach and Garden City, NY Ear nose and throat doctor receives “kudos” from her sinus suffers, sinus headache, sinus congestion patients

Wanted to share some very special comments from my balloon sinuplasty patients. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to drastically improve a patient’s quality of life. Here is what one of my patients had to say after his in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure:

“This procedure changed my life. I have never slept better and I have more energy. Simply put, I am living a better life. Thank you so much Dr. Shah.” – S.N.

Nasal Infection? Long Beach, NY ENT takes on sinus congestion and pressure.

The weather in Long Beach and Garden City, NY has been a bit crazy. One day it is 70 degrees the next 90 and the next torrential rain. All of these rapid changes in temperature and humidity can put a lot of stress on the nasal tissues leading to sinus pressure and nasal congestion. When nasal swelling continues, nasal infections (aka sinusitis) can develop. If you are experiencing continued facial pain, pressure, nasal pressure, sinus pressure or sinus headache it is time to see an ENT doctor.

At Evergreen ENT, we are here to serve the Long Beach, Island Park, Oceanside and Garden City, NY communities. Using the latest diagnostics and technologies, we will take on your most severe nasal/sinus pressure. We would be happy to help you put nasal infections behind you!

Dr. Shefali Shah named one of America’s Top ENT doctors. She provides outstanding ENT care for the greater Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY areas.

I am so proud to share that I have been named as one of America’s Top ENT doctors. This award is based on patient feedback, surveys, the quality of ear, nose and throat training, medical school caliber, patient outcomes and a variety of other factors.

It is my honor and privilege to serve the Long Beach, NY, Island Park, NY, Oceanside, NY and the Garden City, NY areas. A special thank you to all of my patients who make each day enjoyable.

Black mold, sinus disease and the E.N.T. specialist

As efforts continue to rebuild on the South Shore of Long Island, many residents of Long Beach, Oceanside and Island Park are asking me about issues regarding mold exposure. After hurricane Sandy, numerous home and business were flooded. In wet environments, mold can build up and thrive. The problem is that it can grown behind walls, near the foundation and in other areas that are difficult to detect. Some mold emits an odor but other types less so, thus relying on “smelling” mold is not advisable.

I am telling my Long Beach, Island Park and Oceanside residents that mold is an irritant to the nose. It leads to nasal congestion and this can then lead to sinus disease. If their immune system is normal, mold usually does not grow in the nose. So use nasal saline several times a day and make an appointment to see an ear, nose and throat doctor if you continue to experience symptoms.