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Summer in Long Beach, NY

Ah summer! With the boardwalk under constructions many of my patients have taken to going directly to the beach. As the summer sun beats down, be sure to remember that dust and debris is still floating around town. With construction on going, pulverized sheet rock, foundation material and insulation material is flying around.

When tiny particles of dust remain in your nose inflammation can occur. This swelling leads to sinus drainage problems and sinus infections can occur. If you are experiencing headaches, facial pressure or chronic fatigue it may be sinusitis. We can help! Call our office for a thorough sinus/nasal evaluation and together we will work to your achieving a better quality of life.

Why Long Beach, NY needs Long Beach Hospital — What every Long Beach resident needs to know about summertime ENT emergencies

Long Beach Hospital is still closed nine months after hurricane Sandy. In order to get our voice heard in Albany, we must get on the phone and start signing petitions advocating for the re-opening of our medical center. Unless we work hard, together, the legislators in Albany will continue to put up obstacles and our local hospital will remain closed.

As an ENT specialist, I see numerous emergencies where minutes matter. Whether it is a patient on blood thinners who has a life-threatening nosebleed or someone who has a fish bone stuck in their throat, it is vital that we have REAL medical and emergency resources in our community. You deserve it and our entire Long Beach community deserves it! So get on the phone and let the legislators in Albany know that as a barrier island we need a local medical facility. Every voice counts!

Thanks to my Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY patients for the great ENT reviews on

I wanted to dedicate a special blog post to give a huge thank you to my Long Beach and Garden City patients for giving me wonderful reviews on As technology makes it easier to patients to find a specialist themselves, it is my existing patients who are my first ambassadors, giving new patients a “inside” view of my personality and dedication to serving those in need.

Garden City and Long Beach, NY residents: Protect yourself from the sun!

Warm summer days are here! But the sun’s powerful rays can damage your skin anytime you are outside. So protect yourself by wearing sunscreen all day every day, not just when you are going to the pool or beach.

Many moisturizers are now infused with sunscreen. Be sure to look for these type of products the next time you are the pharmacy. By purchasing these high qu

Allergies Hits Hard in Garden City and Long Beach, NY

The sun is shining and five seconds the sky gets cloudy and it rains. What is going on with the weather on Long Island?  With all of the tumultuous weather shifts, plants have been thrown into a fit of confusion leading to a longer than normal allergy season.  When you experience nasal congestion and/or watery eyes, do not use over the counter remedies for more than 3 days.  Many of these medicines can be addictive.  See us in Long Beach, Garden City or in one of other locations for true long-lasting help.