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Long Beach, NY ENT specialist receives Evolve Award

Dr. Shah was awarded the Evolve Award for her exceptional patient outcomes with balloon sinuplasty.

Dr. Shah said, “I am thrilled to receive this honor for balloon sinuplasty. My patients are living healthier lives and they are able to breathe better. Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY residents deserve the best in ENT care and I am happy to be provide that type of cutting edge care/services to them.”

Dr. Shah is an ear, nose and throat specialist with expertise in sinus disease. She focuses on minimally invasive sinus procedures. Her work has been published in numerous journals. She practices in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY.

ENT in Long Beach embarks on educating her peers on minimally invasive procedures

Dr. Shefali Shah, a prominent ENT in Long Beach is now spreading the word and teaching her ENT peers balloon sinuplasty. Dr. Shah was one of the first ear, nose and throat specialists to offer this minimally invasive procedure in her office.
“I am thrilled to educate my ENT colleagues on the benefits of balloon sinuplasty. It is my hope that they will them be able to offer it to their patients as well.”, Dr. Shah said.

Balloon sinuplasty is an in office procedure for patients with chronic or recurrent sinus issues. It is Dr. Shah’s passion to help those with sinus problems. Her results have been truly exceptional. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, headache, facial pain or pressure contact Dr. Shah office to schedule a consultation.

On the path toward a Long Beach, NY Urgent Care Center- Great News for ENT care

I read today in the Long Beach Patch that South Nassau Hospital in Oceanside, NY received money to help Long Beach launch an Urgent Care center to be located in Long Beach Hospital. As an ENT specialist, the creation of a fully equipped urgent center is fantastic news. Long Beach, NY is a barrier island and such isolation brings with it unique needs. I provide ENT care for many individuals on blood thinning medicines such as coumadin, plavix or aspirin. When such patients get nosebleeds, it can quickly become an emergency. Having a fully staffed urgent care center will provide the necessary back up for when these situations require it. I am thrilled to hear that Long Beach, NY residents will have access to such vital services. I just hope that our town gets it soon!