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Feeling Foggy? Tired? It could be allergies and sinus troubles!

Yes!  Spring is finally here.  As flowers bloom, pollen flies making it difficult for so many of my Long Beach and Garden City, N.Y. patients to enjoy the outdoors.  The past week has been terrible for sinus and allergy sufferers; but don’t despair — we can help.

First, don’t ignore allergies.  Many patients reach for over the counter remedies but BEWARE a number of these are addictive if used for more a few days.

Second, make an appointment with an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist.  On Long Island we get a short burst of spring, with that comes a torpedo of allergens.  If you are near the Garden City or Long Beach areas we have 4 locations close to you.

Third, once given medicines to combat your allergies use them as the your ENT prescribes.  Many patients use nasal sprays for allergies or sinus disease but don’t follow through leading to a resurgence of problems.

We can help!  Untreated allergies are a prime factor in decreased quality of life.  As an ENT in Long Beach and Garden City, I vow to get you back on track so you can enjoy the Long Beach boardwalk or the Garden City parks anytime.

Happy Mother’s Day from your Long Beach and Garden City, NY E.N.T.

Wishing all the Mom’s in my practice a very happy and healthy Mother’s day!  Hope you are all enjoying spending time with family.

If you reading this and have a mom or a mother-in-law make sure you help them stay on track by reminding them to get a yearly ear examination and hearing evaluation.  As ear specialists, we can SAFELY clean the ears and remove wax.  Our in-depth hearing testing uses state-of-the-art equipment to test multiple areas of the ear and hearing.

So if you are a mom or have a mom make sure that you get your annual ear examination and hearing test, if you over age 50.

Have a fantastic Mother’s Day!