Monthly Archives: October 2014

Allergies are here in Long Beach, New York

Walking on the boardwalk, the breeze is blowing and the sun is hitting the water.  Bliss!  But aside from the spectacular view, allergens are blowing around.  Yes, that is right.  Little tiny bits of allergens are swirling around, going up your nose and down into your throat and lungs.

From mid September to early November, many patients suffer with allergies, both in my Long Beach, NY office and in my Garden City, NY office.  However, many more people suffer needlessly.  If you have a stuffy nose, phlegm, throat clearing or sneezing, come see us in either our Long Beach, NY or Garden City office locations.

We offer the most advanced diagnostics and treatment plans (including natural therapies, if appropriate).  We can get you (and your nose) back on track!