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Tips for sleeping well for my Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY patients

Trouble falling asleep at night?  You are not alone.  Each day I give my ENT patients in Garden City, NY and Long Beach, NY the following tips to help them get their “zzzz.”

1.  Make it dark.  This means pulling down the shades.  Black-out shades are even better.

2. Limit screen time at night.  This is true for both T.V. and all electronic devices.

3. Establish a sleep routine by going to bed around the same time each night.

Following these three simple tips from your ENT will improve your sleep and increase your energy the following day.  So sleep well and wake up to enjoy the boardwalk in Long Beach or the fabulous restaurants in Garden City.

Eucalyptus – The secret sinus weapon in Long Beach, NY and Garden City NY

It’s sneezing season indeed!  As it gets colder in Long Beach and Garden City, NY more patients are developing upper respiratory infections.  If these infections linger too long they can cause nasal congestion and then lead to sinus infections.

Here is a secret sinus weapon to use when you first feel congested.  For my Long Beach and Garden City, NY patients this tip alone has helped innumerable people stave off sinus infections, nasal congestion and other sinus issues.

Now I am sharing it with you!  The secret is (drum roll please) – eucalyptus oil.  Create a eucalyptus steam inhalation treatment and watch your sinus problems go away.

Here’s how:

1. Boil a pot of water and then turn off the gas

2. Add several drops of eucalyptus oil to the mixture

3. Place a towel over your head

4. Inhale the steam for 20 minutes

Eucalyptus is easy to find in health food stores (and there are more than enough of those in Long Beach, Island Park, Oceanside and Garden City).  Stock up and watch your sinus infections wind down!

Fight sinus and allergy problems from your Long Beach and Garden City pantries

What you stock in your pantry may just be your secret to better sinus and allergy health.  I frequently tell my ear, nose and throat patients in Long Beach, NY and Garden City that there are many easy items to keep on hand.  With a pinch here and a dash there you can slowly fight your way back from E.N.T. sinus and allergy health problems.  So load up!  Whether you live in Long Beach, Garden City, Island Park or Oceanside stock up on these things and tell a friend.  You find yourself living a healthier ear, nose and throat life!

Items for the Long Beach and Garden City pantry:

1. Cinnamon – high in antioxidants

2. Ginger – fights inflammation

3. Turmeric – also combats swelling and inflammation

You can find many of these items at local grocery stores.  Here’s to eating your way back to sinus happiness!