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Hoarse? Have phlegm in Long Beach, NY or Garden City, NY? We have answers

For those throat clearers out there, this is for you.  Much to your chagrin, chronic throat clearing is not normal.  Phlegm or mucous in the throat leads to throat clearing.  But why does this occur?

I tell all of my ENT patients in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY that if they clear their throat, the first step is to set up a complete exam by an ear, nose and throat physician.  I utilize a gentle approach as I insert a camera into the nose.  This special ENT instrument goes beyond the nose and then is passed into the throat area.  I can then see the voice box and evaluate the area for areas of irritation.

One of the more common ENT causes for throat clearing is silent reflux (see picture below).  We can determine if our Long Beach, NY or Garden City, NY patients have this problem on the spot and develop an ear, nose and throat plan to get you back on track.relux 2

Sinus infections? Breathe easier in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY with balloon sinuplasty.

We are excited to share that we were selected as an Oasis site of clinical excellence in balloon sinuplasty.  Only a handful of ENT centers received such a distinction.

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive ENT sinus procedure to help cure patients who suffer from multiple sinus infections.  I perform the sinus procedure in my Long Beach, NY office.  However, I can examine, treat and consult with any patient with chronic sinus disease in any of my offices, including Garden City, NY and in Long Beach, NY

The ENT procedure takes 90 minutes, half of that time is spent numbing the nasal area.  No external cuts are made on the face and patients return home the same day.  They can resume normal activity (including work) the following day.

I am excited to bring this exciting ENT sinus procedure to you and help you breath better and feel more energetic.

ENT tinnitus treatment – remedies and lessons learned in Long Beach and Garden City, NY

Tinnitus is a sound that my ENT patients hear that is NOT coming from an external source.  For example, a buzzing sound that comes from an overhead light would not be considered tinnitus. Rather, tinnitus is a noise that ENT patients hear that is coming from inside their head.

I see hundreds of ENT patients with tinnitus from Island Park, Garden City, Long Beach and Oceanside, NY every year.  If you have tinnitus, the first step is to make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist.  We will perform an in-depth ENT examination to rule out any more concerning causes of the noise such as an inner-ear tumor, mass, or growth.

Once a full ear, nose and throat evaluation is done, we will search for ways to decrease the noise.  Some simple ways to control the tinnitus include:

1. Cutting back on caffeine

2. Decreasing wine

3. Turning on soothing background music such as classical pieces

Remember if you live in Garden City, Long Beach, Island Park, Oceanside or surrounding areas we are here to help.  As ENT specialists, we are uniquely qualified to diagnose, evaluate and treat tinnitus so you can live a more peaceful life.