Monthly Archives: April 2015

Trees are in bloom in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY. Are you congested?

Good morning Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY residents!  It finally feels like spring (part of me thought it would never get here).  But along with warmer temperatures comes pollen, grass and other allergens.  Are you congested?  Can you breathe?

I tell my Long Beach and Garden City, NY patients everyday that breathing is not optional.  As odd as this may sound, I am always amazed at how much nasal congestion, post nasal drip, ans sinus problems people are willing to tolerate before seeking medical/ear, nose and throat help.  We are supposed to be able to breathe freely from our nose without obstruction, congestion, sinus issues or nasal drip.

As ENT specialists we are here to help.  Many treatments for nasal congestion and allergies include natural and avoidance treatment options.  In both our Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY offices we provide the full compliment of ENT treatments including in-office allergy testing.

We are here to help you breathe.  Remember breathing is not optional so call us at Evergreen Ear, nose and throat and start living life and enjoying spring.