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Is it a cold or sinus disease? Ent thoughts for our Long Beach, Island Park, Garden City and Inwood patients.

As we enter winter in Long Beach, NY, I frequently have patients come to me unsure if they have a cold or a sinus infection.  Indeed, it can be hard to sometime tell the difference between sinus infections and a regular cold.  Here are a few key points for my Garden City, Long Beach, Island Park and Inwood patients to better understand sinus issues.

If you have a sinus infection you will likely also have

-pain in the forehead, behind the eyes or teeth

-have discolored nasal discharge

-nasal congestion

-dull headache

If you have any of these symptoms, it is time to see an ear, nose and throat specialist.  In all three of our ENT office locations (Garden City, Long Beach and Inwood) we have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to treat your sinuses.  We look forward to tackling even your worst sinus issue.