Monthly Archives: March 2016

Dementia and Reflux info for our Long Beach, Garden City and Inwood ENT patients

A recent study in the journal JAMA Neurology found that patient who are on certain long term antacid medications may have an increase in dementia.  The study looked at a certain class of antacids called proton pump inhibitors including medications such as prevacid and nexium.  Researchers found that seniors on these drugs long term had a 44% increase in dementia.

We have had many ear, nose and throat patients in our Long Beach, Garden City and Inwood offices ask us, “What do I do now for the my ENT issues?”  The first issue to decide if you still have silent or stomach reflux issues.  As ENT’s we would do a thorough ear, nose and throat exam and then decide if further testing is needed.  In our Long Beach, NY ENT office we have further specialized equipment to test for reflux.

If you are having phlegm, throat clearing, sinus infections in Long Beach, Garden City, Inwood or the surrounding areas, call us.  We would be happy to use our specialized knowledge to help get you off these medication safely.