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Here come allergies. Fall is here in Long Beach and Garden City, NY

Labor Day is here and with it we bid goodbye to another wonderful summer and look toward Fall.  Autumn is allergy season and 75% of patients with Spring allergies also have Fall allergies.

The most common Fall allergies in Garden City and Long Beach, NY are ragweed and mold.  Did you know that ragweed can travel hundreds of miles?  So even though Long Beach is a beach community, ragweed counts are still off the charts in Autumn.

Mold spores can be trapped in between leaves.  So even casual walks in Garden City and Long Beach can lead to nasal congestion and post nasal drip.

We are here to help!  We provide complete ear, nose and throat diagnostics including in-office allergy testing in both our Long Island offices (Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY).

Let us help you enjoy the Fall!