All Green Things are Good – St. Patrick’s Day in Long Beach

As mother nature hits us with one last winter storm, my thoughts turn to the hopefully warmer weeks ahead.  Four leaf clover and leprechauns dance in my head – it must be St. Patrick’s Day!

Long Beach has long had a vibrant and fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day parade.  But as you head outside and don all things green remember that green can be wonderful year round (especially when you eat green foods).

A patient recently asked me what she should eat to try and combat sinus disease.  I told her to go for the green.  Eating spinach, broccoli rabe and kale are good not only for your overall health but have also been shown to be efficacious in combating sinus issues.

Remember to add eucalyptus to a warm bath or place a few drops into a warm water steam bath for more targeted sinus relief.  So this St. Patrick’s day go out there and celebrate in the streets of Long Beach.  Remember to wear green and eat green.  At Evergreen ENT we are just around the corner in Long Beach should you need us.

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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