Allergies are here in Long Beach, New York

Walking on the boardwalk, the breeze is blowing and the sun is hitting the water. Bliss! For many of us in the area, it doesn’t get any better than that. But as you take in the spectacular view, allergens are blowing around in that lovely breeze. Yes, that is right. Little tiny bits of allergens are swirling around, going up your nose and down into your throat and lungs. And for those who suffer from allergies, that is bad news.

Chances are you are wanting to get in some time outdoors before the cold chases you inside for the winter, but allergies can keep many in Long Beach inside instead of taking in the fresh air. The feeling of a fresh breeze or the sun on your skin can seem a lot less tempting when you know it is going to bring a stuffy nose and sneezing fits. And that is incredibly unfortunate, as our area offers so much to see and do.

So, if you are in Long Beach suffering from allergies, is there any alternative to hiding out indoors and waiting for winter to kill off some of your allergens? Absolutely. You just need to take the time to schedule an appointment with my office and we will get you on the path to feeling better in no time.

From mid-September to early November, many patients suffering with allergies come to see me, both in my Long Beach, NY office and in my Garden City, NY office. These individuals are able to enjoy the season thanks to their being proactive enough to seek help. However, many more people suffer needlessly; you do not need to be one of these people. If you have a stuffy nose, phlegm, throat clearing, or sneezing, come see us in either our Long Beach, NY or Garden City office locations.

We offer the most advanced diagnostics and treatment plans (including natural therapies, if appropriate). We can get you (and your nose) back on track!