Black mold, sinus disease and the E.N.T. specialist

As efforts continue to rebuild on the South Shore of Long Island, many residents of Long Beach, Oceanside and Island Park are asking me about issues regarding mold exposure. After hurricane Sandy, numerous home and business were flooded. In wet environments, mold can build up and thrive. The problem is that it can grown behind walls, near the foundation and in other areas that are difficult to detect. Some mold emits an odor but other types less so, thus relying on “smelling” mold is not advisable.

I am telling my Long Beach, Island Park and Oceanside residents that mold is an irritant to the nose. It leads to nasal congestion and this can then lead to sinus disease. If their immune system is normal, mold usually does not grow in the nose. So use nasal saline several times a day and make an appointment to see an ear, nose and throat doctor if you continue to experience symptoms.

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