What Long Beach Surfers and Beach lovers need to know about surfer’s ear

Ah!  One can’t help make that wonderful relaxing sound as you feel the Long Beach ocean breeze hit your face.  But as you frolic by the Long Beach ocean, here are a few things to remembers as you get cozy with the Long Beach water.

For those that are Long Beach water lovers, remembers that repeated contact with ocean water can lead to surfer’s ear.  As ear, nose and throat specialists, we know that the ear canal skin is delicate with little to no fat between the ear canal skin and bone.  So when you have repeated contact with Long Beach ocean water with swimming or surfing, the cold water can lead to non-cancerous bony growths called exostoses.

Over time exostoses can grow and ultimately block off the ear canal and decrease hearing.  As E.N.T. specialists we help diagnose and guide patients on steps to take to halt exostoses growth.  By using ear plugs, either over the counter brands or custom, the ear canal is protected making it more difficult for exostoses to proliferate.

So, if you love going to our Long Beach ocean front go ahead!  Just remember to bring along your ear plugs and see an ear, nose and throat specialist to determine if you have exostoses.  We would be happy to see you!

Listen up, Long Beach residents! Q-tips and you: Not perfect together.

We all love the beach and there is no better place to experience the wonderment of summer than in Long Beach, NY.  With it’s pristine beaches and sparkling water, Long Beach is the beach destination.  But with the lovely water, comes water in the ears.  Here’s an ENT tip, do NOT use Q-tips to clean those wet ears.

As ear, nose and throat physicians we know that Q-tips can cause ear canal scratches.  When water gets in an open area in the ear canal, bacteria can grow and an infection ensues.  We go swimming and sweat more during the summer, therefore we are more prone to outer ear infections.  As Long Beach residents, the more you are in the water, the great this problem becomes.  So, if you have a history of otitis externa (or outer ear infections) or are a Long Beach water lover, make sure to institute strict dry ear precautions which consist of using ear plugs and using a blow dryer (warm setting).

If your ears continue to bother you, we are here to serve the ear, nose and throat needs of the Long Beach community.

Ear, nose and throat and Allergies in Long Beach, NY

Most people don’t realize it but we are exposed to thousands of potential allergens each day.  In some people, these allergens trigger an excess response and can lead to nasal congestion, post nasal drip and phlegm.  In Long Beach, NY we have extra allergens due to the unique micro climate of being so close to the ocean coupled with the great amount of rebuilding of homes and business after the hurricane.

Some of the more common allergens are dust mites, mold, pollen and ragweed.  As ear, nose and throat specialists, we can swiftly and accurately diagnose nasal allergies and give you treatment that will work right away.  In some cases, avoidance and nasal washes may be all that is required to rid you of your nasal congestion and allergy issues.

Most people are under the impression that they need to see an allergist to diagnose allergies.  Ear, nose and throat specialists also care for patients with allergies and in addition to offering the latest in medical management, we can provide surgical options (if needed) as well.

So if you are in the Long Beach, NY or Garden City, NY area and are experiencing ear, nose and throat allergies, see us.  We would be happy to care for you.

Ent Treatment in Long Beach – Constant Cough

We have all been there, the cough that just won’t go away.  Having a lingering cough after a cold or upper respiratory tract infection is common for up to one week after your other symptoms have stopped.  For coughs that last longer than that, it is important to see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

I recently had a long conversation about all of the construction in Long Beach.  With a huge number of demolitions and reconstruction projects being done in Long Beach, the dust and other particles are being released into the air.  We are all breathing in these things and so if your cough lingers and you live in Long Beach, NY it is doubly important to have an ear, nose and throat specialist examine you.

At Evergreen E.N.T. we are dedicated to providing the highest quality ear, nose and throat treatment for our patients in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY.  See us to get the bottom of your chronic cough!

Snoring? What you need to know. ENT help is here in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY

Snoring is very prevalent issue for American adults today.  From an occasional snore to the snorer whose sounds wake you like a train running through your home, most of us have snored or know someone who snores regularly.

Snoring can be range from an innocuous annoyance to a sign of obstructive sleep apnea or OSA.  Sleep apnea occurs when tissue falls into the throat and closes it decreasing oxygen.  The decrease in oxygen then triggers you to wake up from sleep.  The result can be extreme fatigue and untreated can lead to premature death.

We at Evergreen E.N.T. are here to help you figure out if you or a loved one just snores (and we have ear, nose and throat treatments for that). Or if you have obstructive sleep apnea.  In both our Garden City and Long Beach ENT locations we will first perform a full ear, nose and throat exam and then determine if further testing is needed.

So don’t suffer, come in to one of our 4 convenient locations (Long Beach, Garden City, Inwood or Rosedale) to see one of our ear, nose and throat specialists.

Clogged ears? It could be ear wax.

Each day I see several patients who have been suffering with clogged ears or decreased hearing.  Many have used over the counter ear drops or other remedies in futile efforts to “unclogged” their ears.  It is important to understand that there are a myriad of causes for clogged ears, wax is only one possible reason.  Second, using drops or putting things into your ears can cause a clogged feeling to get worse or posssibly cause damage to your ears.

So if you have clogged ears:

*do not use over the counter remedies

*see an Ear, nose and throat specialist

*do not delay

We can help you get “unclogged” safely and expeditiously.  As ENT specialists, we will also give you regimens to follow to keep your ears clean and happy.

Here’s to hearing well!

Feeling Foggy? Tired? It could be allergies and sinus troubles!

Yes!  Spring is finally here.  As flowers bloom, pollen flies making it difficult for so many of my Long Beach and Garden City, N.Y. patients to enjoy the outdoors.  The past week has been terrible for sinus and allergy sufferers; but don’t despair — we can help.

First, don’t ignore allergies.  Many patients reach for over the counter remedies but BEWARE a number of these are addictive if used for more a few days.

Second, make an appointment with an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist.  On Long Island we get a short burst of spring, with that comes a torpedo of allergens.  If you are near the Garden City or Long Beach areas we have 4 locations close to you.

Third, once given medicines to combat your allergies use them as the your ENT prescribes.  Many patients use nasal sprays for allergies or sinus disease but don’t follow through leading to a resurgence of problems.

We can help!  Untreated allergies are a prime factor in decreased quality of life.  As an ENT in Long Beach and Garden City, I vow to get you back on track so you can enjoy the Long Beach boardwalk or the Garden City parks anytime.

Happy Mother’s Day from your Long Beach and Garden City, NY E.N.T.

Wishing all the Mom’s in my practice a very happy and healthy Mother’s day!  Hope you are all enjoying spending time with family.

If you reading this and have a mom or a mother-in-law make sure you help them stay on track by reminding them to get a yearly ear examination and hearing evaluation.  As ear specialists, we can SAFELY clean the ears and remove wax.  Our in-depth hearing testing uses state-of-the-art equipment to test multiple areas of the ear and hearing.

So if you are a mom or have a mom make sure that you get your annual ear examination and hearing test, if you over age 50.

Have a fantastic Mother’s Day!

What is a Physician’s Assistant? How do they work in my Long Beach and Garden City offices?

Physician’s Assistants (P.A.’s) undergo rigorous medical training as well as certification before practicing.  Like medical doctors, they must apply, complete and pass multiple exams before receiving their degrees (RPA-C).

Tracey Harris, Evergreen’s P.A., has extensive ear, nose and throat experience.  She is able to perform a thorough ENT examination and can help you with ear nose and throat issues such as hoarseness, sinus issues, nasal congestion, allergies, headache, hearing loss and so much more.  Her schedule allows her to see same day appointments so feel free to call us if you have an urgent problems.  We work hard so that we can continue to provide you outstanding care, close to home and keep our Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY Ent patients happy and healthy!

Ringing in the ears? You may have hearing loss!

Don’t ignore ringing in the ears!  Ringing, hissing, humming or any noise in the ear that persists SHOULD be evaluated by an ear, nose and throat specialist.  Every day I see people in my Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY offices who thought that these issues are a “normal part of getting older.”  Many of my Long Beach patients feel that this noise may be the result of spending too much time by the ocean.

Both of these notions are INCORRECT!

Any patient with noise in the ear (called tinnitus) will undergo a through ear, nose and throat evaluation including full hearing testing.  Many patients with tinnitus have undiagnosed hearing problems.  In addition, if the noise is worse in one ear than the other, ENT specialists will likely order more in depth testing to rule out masses or tumors of the inner ear.

Testing and evaluation of tinnitus is painless and can unearth some very serious ear problems.  If you have ringing in your ears see you local ENT specialist.  We are here to serve our patients in the Long Beach, Garden City, Inwood and Rosedale communities.