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Dementia and Reflux info for our Long Beach, Garden City and Inwood ENT patients

A recent study in the journal JAMA Neurology found that patient who are on certain long term antacid medications may have an increase in dementia.  The study looked at a certain class of antacids called proton pump inhibitors including medications such as prevacid and nexium.  Researchers found that seniors on these drugs long term had a 44% increase in dementia.

We have had many ear, nose and throat patients in our Long Beach, Garden City and Inwood offices ask us, “What do I do now for the my ENT issues?”  The first issue to decide if you still have silent or stomach reflux issues.  As ENT’s we would do a thorough ear, nose and throat exam and then decide if further testing is needed.  In our Long Beach, NY ENT office we have further specialized equipment to test for reflux.

If you are having phlegm, throat clearing, sinus infections in Long Beach, Garden City, Inwood or the surrounding areas, call us.  We would be happy to use our specialized knowledge to help get you off these medication safely.

ENT treatment in Long Beach – We are moving to 728 East Park Ave. in September

To all of my Long Beach, NY ear, nose and throat patients, I am thrilled to announce that we will be moving our office location.  In September we will be moving to Long Beach’s “Doctors Row” and will be seeing our ENT patients at:

728 East Park Ave. in Long Beach

Our office number will remain the same 516-431-0700.

We are excited to move to our new ENT location and we look forward to serving  the Long Beach, NY community for many years to come.


Dr. James McGhee joins us in January 2015 in both the Long Beach and Garden City locations

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. James McGhee will be joining our team in January 2015.  Dr. McGhee is a board-certified ear, nose and throat physician with over 20 years of ENT experience.  He has obtained the highest level of training completing advanced training in ear, nose and throat and allergy.  Dr. McGhee achievements were recognized by the American Board of Otolaryngology Allergy when we has awarded Fellow status recognition.

Dr. McGhee trained at GBMC/Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and will provide ear, nose and throat services at our 877 Stewart Ave., Suite 25 location in Garden City as well as in our Long Beach, NY location.

We will now be open every Saturday morning as well from 9 am – 1 pm to better serve you.20130725_0001-50

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Long Beach and Garden City Patients

During this holiday season I wanted to give thanks to all of my patients in the Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY areas.  As many of you know, I love my field.  I enjoy each day because of you.  Tackling your allergies, sinus problems, nasal congestion, and hearing issues to allow you better health, bring me tremendous joy.

May each of you enjoy this day of giving thanks and I hope this season brings you and your family ear, nose and throat health.

Clogged ears? It could be ear wax.

Each day I see several patients who have been suffering with clogged ears or decreased hearing.  Many have used over the counter ear drops or other remedies in futile efforts to “unclogged” their ears.  It is important to understand that there are a myriad of causes for clogged ears, wax is only one possible reason.  Second, using drops or putting things into your ears can cause a clogged feeling to get worse or posssibly cause damage to your ears.

So if you have clogged ears:

*do not use over the counter remedies

*see an Ear, nose and throat specialist

*do not delay

We can help you get “unclogged” safely and expeditiously.  As ENT specialists, we will also give you regimens to follow to keep your ears clean and happy.

Here’s to hearing well!

Tips from Long Beach Ear, Nose and Throat – Stay healthy!

We are in the depths of the polar vortex and each day seems to bring colder and colder temperatures to our city of Long Beach, New York!  As an ear, nose and throat specialist I am seeing a large increase in patients complaining of nasal dryness, bleeding and/or throat pain.  One of the easiest ways to help combat these issues is to get a humidifier.  Be sure to get one that you can set the humidity percentage (best practice is to keep the humidity at 50%).

Be sure to turn it on a few hours BEFORE you goto sleep for maximum benefit.  In this way, when you hit the sack your nose and throat passageways will get nice moisturized air.

As it seems like the winter in Long Beach will never end, take these easy to implement ear, nose and throat tips to heart and stay healthy this winter!  If your symptoms do not get better, be sure to visit us in any of our 4 locations (Long Beach, NY, Garden City, NY, Inwood, NY or Rosedale, NY).

Providing Holistic Sinus Care to Long Beach and Garden City Patients

Wanted to let my Long Beach and Garden City patients know that we are passionate about incorporating holistic treatments to combat sinus disease!  I saw a patient of mine today who had suffered with over 7 infections in the past year.  After putting her on a full nasal treatment plan, incorporating medicines, sprays AND natural treatments, she is doing great!

So if you are constantly fighting nasal congestion, sinus infections, and/or headaches, make an appointment to have us evaluate your ear, nose and throat problems.  We have locations in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY.

Here’s to happy nasal health!

Holiday Lights In Long Beach, NY

It warms my heart to see the holiday lights on in Long Beach, NY. One year after the devastating hurricane, people are slowly moving back and rekindling their traditions. From the Menorah to the Christmas tree, the holiday spirit is here. I hope that Long Beach, NY residents know that at Evergreen ENT we are here to serve them today and every day for the years to come! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we at Evergreen Ear, Nose and Throat look forward to a bright, healthy and happy 2014.

Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY residents take heed of winter wind gusts

As the temperature falls, it is important to remember to keep your ears toasty warm. The ear canal is lined with a thin layer of skin. Directly under the skin, lies the ear canal bone. When a freezing blast of wind enters your ear, it can cause ear discomfort. Remember to wear a hat that covers your ears or ear muffs this winter to avoid this problem. An added benefit–when your ears are warm, you will feel warmer too!
Happy Winter!

ENT Questions about Wax in my Garden City, NY location

This week I had an abundance of questions about wax. What is wax? Why do we have it? Should it come out? So here is the ear, nose and throat specialist information about wax.

Wax is made by tiny glands that reside deep in our ears. It serves to protect the delicate ear canal skin by acting as an anti-bacterial. Wax is then moved slowly out of the ear canal and falls out. New wax is then created. As we get older wax is still produced but may not come out. It then can build up and cause a “clogged” sensation.

Do not use q-tips to get it out! Q-tips can cause damage to the ear canal or can impact the wax deeper in the ear.

If you are experiencing hearing loss or a clogged feeling in the ear see us in our Long Beach, Garden City, Inwood or Rosedale locations. Using specialized ENT instruments we will take out the wax safely and throughly. It would be our pleasure to help you.