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Here come allergies. Fall is here in Long Beach and Garden City, NY

Labor Day is here and with it we bid goodbye to another wonderful summer and look toward Fall.  Autumn is allergy season and 75% of patients with Spring allergies also have Fall allergies.

The most common Fall allergies in Garden City and Long Beach, NY are ragweed and mold.  Did you know that ragweed can travel hundreds of miles?  So even though Long Beach is a beach community, ragweed counts are still off the charts in Autumn.

Mold spores can be trapped in between leaves.  So even casual walks in Garden City and Long Beach can lead to nasal congestion and post nasal drip.

We are here to help!  We provide complete ear, nose and throat diagnostics including in-office allergy testing in both our Long Island offices (Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY).

Let us help you enjoy the Fall!

Is it a cold or sinus disease? Ent thoughts for our Long Beach, Island Park, Garden City and Inwood patients.

As we enter winter in Long Beach, NY, I frequently have patients come to me unsure if they have a cold or a sinus infection.  Indeed, it can be hard to sometime tell the difference between sinus infections and a regular cold.  Here are a few key points for my Garden City, Long Beach, Island Park and Inwood patients to better understand sinus issues.

If you have a sinus infection you will likely also have

-pain in the forehead, behind the eyes or teeth

-have discolored nasal discharge

-nasal congestion

-dull headache

If you have any of these symptoms, it is time to see an ear, nose and throat specialist.  In all three of our ENT office locations (Garden City, Long Beach and Inwood) we have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to treat your sinuses.  We look forward to tackling even your worst sinus issue.

Helping with Nasal Congestion and Allergies in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY

There are so many signs of allergies.  From phlegm, nasal congestion, headache, facial pressure to post nasal drip, coughing fits and itchy eyes, all can be indicative of allergies.  In Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY, allergies are in full bloom right now.

There are a number of remedies so that you can get back outside and enjoy the outdoors (and what can be better than a day at the beach in Long Beach or a stroll down Franklin Avenue in Garden City, NY?).  First, see an ENT specialist.  Using our special ear, nose and throat tools we will diagnose the specific nasal issue and target it.  Second, use nasal saline to rinse out the nasal allergens. Third, use air conditioning when driving.  Air conditioning filters the air and will decrease your allergy load.

We provide in-office diagnostics including nasal endoscopy and in-office allergy testing.  With this powerful combination of ENT tools, we will target your nasal allergies and get you back on the Long Beach, NY boardwalk or dining al fresco in Garden City, NY.

Long Beach ENT news – itchy eyes and sinus help

It’s allergy season and each day seems worse than the one before.  Here’s ENT news you use for Long Beach and Garden City sinus and allergy sufferers:

1. Carrier a nasal saline spray with you wherever you go.  Saline is not a medicine so you can use it multiple times a day.  By utilizing the saline, you will keep allergens and sinus issues at bay.

2. Ditto for artificial tears.  But be careful to read the ingredients to ensure that you are purchasing artificial tears only.  In many pharmacies it can be tricky to sort our which eye drops have saline only and which have decongestants.  Ask the pharmacist for help!

3. In Long Beach and Garden City you can see the allergens on your car.  Take this as a sign.  These allergens are sticking to your car and to your clothes.  Change your outer layer after you get home.

Follow these tips to a happier nose in Long Beach and Garden City, NY.  Remember, if you need ear, nose and throat help we are only a phone call away.  We would be happy to see you in Long Beach, Garden City or our Inwood locations.

Trees are in bloom in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY. Are you congested?

Good morning Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY residents!  It finally feels like spring (part of me thought it would never get here).  But along with warmer temperatures comes pollen, grass and other allergens.  Are you congested?  Can you breathe?

I tell my Long Beach and Garden City, NY patients everyday that breathing is not optional.  As odd as this may sound, I am always amazed at how much nasal congestion, post nasal drip, ans sinus problems people are willing to tolerate before seeking medical/ear, nose and throat help.  We are supposed to be able to breathe freely from our nose without obstruction, congestion, sinus issues or nasal drip.

As ENT specialists we are here to help.  Many treatments for nasal congestion and allergies include natural and avoidance treatment options.  In both our Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY offices we provide the full compliment of ENT treatments including in-office allergy testing.

We are here to help you breathe.  Remember breathing is not optional so call us at Evergreen Ear, nose and throat and start living life and enjoying spring.

Sinus infections? Breathe easier in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY with balloon sinuplasty.

We are excited to share that we were selected as an Oasis site of clinical excellence in balloon sinuplasty.  Only a handful of ENT centers received such a distinction.

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive ENT sinus procedure to help cure patients who suffer from multiple sinus infections.  I perform the sinus procedure in my Long Beach, NY office.  However, I can examine, treat and consult with any patient with chronic sinus disease in any of my offices, including Garden City, NY and in Long Beach, NY

The ENT procedure takes 90 minutes, half of that time is spent numbing the nasal area.  No external cuts are made on the face and patients return home the same day.  They can resume normal activity (including work) the following day.

I am excited to bring this exciting ENT sinus procedure to you and help you breath better and feel more energetic.

Eucalyptus – The secret sinus weapon in Long Beach, NY and Garden City NY

It’s sneezing season indeed!  As it gets colder in Long Beach and Garden City, NY more patients are developing upper respiratory infections.  If these infections linger too long they can cause nasal congestion and then lead to sinus infections.

Here is a secret sinus weapon to use when you first feel congested.  For my Long Beach and Garden City, NY patients this tip alone has helped innumerable people stave off sinus infections, nasal congestion and other sinus issues.

Now I am sharing it with you!  The secret is (drum roll please) – eucalyptus oil.  Create a eucalyptus steam inhalation treatment and watch your sinus problems go away.

Here’s how:

1. Boil a pot of water and then turn off the gas

2. Add several drops of eucalyptus oil to the mixture

3. Place a towel over your head

4. Inhale the steam for 20 minutes

Eucalyptus is easy to find in health food stores (and there are more than enough of those in Long Beach, Island Park, Oceanside and Garden City).  Stock up and watch your sinus infections wind down!

Fight sinus and allergy problems from your Long Beach and Garden City pantries

What you stock in your pantry may just be your secret to better sinus and allergy health.  I frequently tell my ear, nose and throat patients in Long Beach, NY and Garden City that there are many easy items to keep on hand.  With a pinch here and a dash there you can slowly fight your way back from E.N.T. sinus and allergy health problems.  So load up!  Whether you live in Long Beach, Garden City, Island Park or Oceanside stock up on these things and tell a friend.  You find yourself living a healthier ear, nose and throat life!

Items for the Long Beach and Garden City pantry:

1. Cinnamon – high in antioxidants

2. Ginger – fights inflammation

3. Turmeric – also combats swelling and inflammation

You can find many of these items at local grocery stores.  Here’s to eating your way back to sinus happiness!

Waking up parched in your Long Beach, NY or Garden City, NY home?

It is still fall but with blustery winds, winter seems to be close at hand.  When the heat comes on in our homes, our mouths, noses and throat dry out.  Usually, we feel this when we first wake up as we yearn for a tall glass of water to quench our thirst.

Unfortunately, our noses remain dry and can worsen allergies.  The tissue of our nose serves as a protective barrier, limiting foreign material like viruses, bacteria, all allergens from entering our bodies.  When the nasal tissue is dry, it can not work well and these materials can more easily penetrate and cause illness.

One simple remedy is to buy a humidifier.  Make sure to turn it on several hours before bed.  Many humidifiers now come with an “auto” function, allowing you to set the humidity level and walk away.

By keeping your nasal tissues moist, you will sleep more soundly and protect yourself from illnesses and allergies this winter season in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY.  Remember, should you fall ill, we are here to serve you in all three of our locations:  Long Beach, Garden City and Inwood, making a trip to see us at Evergreen Ear, nose and throat never more than a few minutes away.


We are offering NEW ALLERGY services in our Garden City, NY and Long Beach, NY offices

Fall is the “sneeziest” season of them all.  As the leaves come down in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY your allergies may go crazy.  But don’t despair, as your health care partners we can develop a treatment plan to tackle even the most stubborn Long Isalnd allergies.

First, we are proud to offer in-office allergy testing in our Long Beach, NY location.  The test is relatively painless and takes about 20 minutes.

Coupled with our advances nasal scopes and instruments, our allergy testing sets us apart from other health care providers on Long Island.  We will create a targeted allergy treatment plan that may incorporate non medical changes (such as avoidance), medications, holistic therapies and procedures if necessary.

We stand apart as ear, nose and throat physicians who embrace both medical, holistic and surgical approaches to allergies and sinus disease.  We WILL find the right allergy plan for you.a woman blowing on a dandelion muted colors vintage toned