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ENT Questions about Wax in my Garden City, NY location

This week I had an abundance of questions about wax. What is wax? Why do we have it? Should it come out? So here is the ear, nose and throat specialist information about wax.

Wax is made by tiny glands that reside deep in our ears. It serves to protect the delicate ear canal skin by acting as an anti-bacterial. Wax is then moved slowly out of the ear canal and falls out. New wax is then created. As we get older wax is still produced but may not come out. It then can build up and cause a “clogged” sensation.

Do not use q-tips to get it out! Q-tips can cause damage to the ear canal or can impact the wax deeper in the ear.

If you are experiencing hearing loss or a clogged feeling in the ear see us in our Long Beach, Garden City, Inwood or Rosedale locations. Using specialized ENT instruments we will take out the wax safely and throughly. It would be our pleasure to help you.

Local Long Beach, NY, Oceanside, NY and Island Park, NY ENT specialist gets national recognition

Dr. Shah, exemplary sinus surgeon recently received national attention in a press release featured on prweb. Her work in Long Beach, NY as well as in several other Long Island locations was deemed extra-ordinary. To read more about her advanced sinus techniques and fantastic patient results click on the following link:‎

Long Beach, NY ENT specialist receives Evolve Award

Dr. Shah was awarded the Evolve Award for her exceptional patient outcomes with balloon sinuplasty.

Dr. Shah said, “I am thrilled to receive this honor for balloon sinuplasty. My patients are living healthier lives and they are able to breathe better. Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY residents deserve the best in ENT care and I am happy to be provide that type of cutting edge care/services to them.”

Dr. Shah is an ear, nose and throat specialist with expertise in sinus disease. She focuses on minimally invasive sinus procedures. Her work has been published in numerous journals. She practices in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY.

ENT in Long Beach embarks on educating her peers on minimally invasive procedures

Dr. Shefali Shah, a prominent ENT in Long Beach is now spreading the word and teaching her ENT peers balloon sinuplasty. Dr. Shah was one of the first ear, nose and throat specialists to offer this minimally invasive procedure in her office.
“I am thrilled to educate my ENT colleagues on the benefits of balloon sinuplasty. It is my hope that they will them be able to offer it to their patients as well.”, Dr. Shah said.

Balloon sinuplasty is an in office procedure for patients with chronic or recurrent sinus issues. It is Dr. Shah’s passion to help those with sinus problems. Her results have been truly exceptional. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, headache, facial pain or pressure contact Dr. Shah office to schedule a consultation.

On the path toward a Long Beach, NY Urgent Care Center- Great News for ENT care

I read today in the Long Beach Patch that South Nassau Hospital in Oceanside, NY received money to help Long Beach launch an Urgent Care center to be located in Long Beach Hospital. As an ENT specialist, the creation of a fully equipped urgent center is fantastic news. Long Beach, NY is a barrier island and such isolation brings with it unique needs. I provide ENT care for many individuals on blood thinning medicines such as coumadin, plavix or aspirin. When such patients get nosebleeds, it can quickly become an emergency. Having a fully staffed urgent care center will provide the necessary back up for when these situations require it. I am thrilled to hear that Long Beach, NY residents will have access to such vital services. I just hope that our town gets it soon!

Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY residents take note: Headache alone can be a sign of sinus disease

Headaches can be the ONLY sign of sinus disease leading many patients on a wild goose chase until they finally see an ear, nose, and throat physician. We have four sets of sinuses in our skull. When there is infection in the sphenoid sinus some patients will only get dull headaches. Unfortunately, many patients see multiple other doctors and end up frustrated and tired before they see and ENT.

Only ENT physicians have the special tools and training needed to visualize this sinus. By using small lights/cameras we can see deep into the sinuses and make the diagnosis saving time, energy, missed days from work for our patients.

If you are experiencing dull headaches make an appointment to see an ENT specialist. Let us partner with you towards better sinus health!

Long Beach, NY – take a walk on the boardwalk and help your sinuses

Clogged sinuses can spell sleepless nights, fatigue, and facial pressure. One easy way to help yourself is to a take a walk on the boardwalk. In Long Beach, NY there is a lengthy boardwalk where you can get both exercise and inhale the fresh sea air. Clean sea air opens sinus drainage pathways and leads to healthier sinuses!

As an ENT in Long Beach, NY I frequently try to think of ways my patients can get a double benefit from the things I ask them to do. Along with quick walks on the Long Beach, NY boardwalk here are a few other tips I give my Garden City, NY, Island Park, NY, and Long Beach, NY ENT patients:

*inhale steam infused with eucalyptus to help open sinuses and your facial pores
*eat berries to help sinus health and help your heart
*use nasal saline to clean out your sinuses and to decrease colds

Fall Alllergies on the rise in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY – see your ENT doctor

Ah – the end of September! With the sudden dip in morning temperature, chill in the air, and leaves suddenly on the ground – it is fall. And with autumn, comes fall allergies. If you are having

*nasal congestion
*drippy nose

See an ENT. As ear, nose and throat doctor’s we are here to help. At Evergreen ENT, we are available at 4 locations (Long Beach, NY, Garden City, NY, Rosedale, NY, Inwood,NY). We would be happy to help you fight nasal allergies!

Expanding sinus infection knowledge in Garden City, NY and Long Beach, NY

There is so much to know about sinuses and so much confusion to clear up! Recently, I have started using e-newsletter to educate patients on Ear, Nose and Throat topics. Using this outreach modality has allowed me to continuously strive to increase the “ENT knowledge bank” of my patients so that they can take better ENT care of themselves and their loved ones.

Recently, I sent an Ear, nose and throat e-newsletter to my patient is Long Beach, NY, Garden City, NY, Island Park, NY and Inwood, NY focusing on sinus disorders. Here are a few highlights:
Eating the following can improve sinus health and decease infections:
1. Raspberries
2. Blueberries
3. Pineapples

Please contact us by phone at 516-431-0700 and give us your email if you would like to be added to our ENT e-newsletter. Happy ENT learning!

The recurring question of wax – What I answer everyday in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY

Ah wax. So many questions and so much erroneous information out there. At Evergreen ENT we not only work on the most complex of sinus disease but also common issues such as wax.

Wax is an anti-bacterial that is made by glands deep in the ear canal. It serves to protect the ear canal. Once it does it work, it is moved out of the canal by tiny hairs (called cilia).

Many patients like to instrument their ears with a variety of objects such as q-tips. bobby pins, key etc. DO NOT DO THIS! Sticking things in the ear will
1. damage the natural cilia in the ear
2. will push some of the wax in deeper into the ear
3. can cause ear drum damage/perforation
4. can lead to tiny cuts in the outer ear and outer ear infections

If you are prone to making excess amounts of wax or if you feel like your ears are clogged, call us at 516-431-0700. As ENT specialists we will be delighted to give you a thorough ear ex