Chronic cough or constant headache – Could this be a sinus infection?

Each year, ear nose and throat doctors as well as other physicians diagnose 12 million cases of sinus infections. Some patients come in with complaints of sinus pressure, headache or post-nasal drip. Others feel like their sinuses are swollen. But some of the most challenging aspects of properly diagnosing a sinus infection come because so MANY DIFFERENT symptoms may result from a sinus problems.

Bad breath, throat clearing, sore throat and cough can also be sinus infection symptoms. Constant fatigue can also be a sign of a sinus problem. As E.N.T. specialists, we use tiny cameras to look deep into our patient’s noses. With the use of these nasal endoscopes we can peer into the sinus drainage passageway to see if there is a sinus infection or sinusitis.

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