Clogged ears? It could be ear wax.

Each day I see several patients who have been suffering with clogged ears or decreased hearing.  Many have used over the counter ear drops or other remedies in futile efforts to “unclogged” their ears.  It is important to understand that there are a myriad of causes for clogged ears, wax is only one possible reason.  Second, using drops or putting things into your ears can cause a clogged feeling to get worse or posssibly cause damage to your ears.

So if you have clogged ears:

*do not use over the counter remedies

*see an Ear, nose and throat specialist

*do not delay

We can help you get “unclogged” safely and expeditiously.  As ENT specialists, we will also give you regimens to follow to keep your ears clean and happy.

Here’s to hearing well!

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