Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors and Sinus Infections

Spring seems to FINALLY be here in the Northeast. After an unseasonable cold April, flowers are beginning to bloom and pollen can be spotted on cars and sidewalks. Remember as the weather improves, so will the allergen count. Here are a few things you can do to help you enjoy the spring.

1. Remember that colds last no longer than 7 days. The old adage that a cold takes to 2 days to come, 3 days to stay and 2 days to resolve hold true.
2. If you continue to have “cold-like” symptoms after 7 days, you may have a sinus infection. See an ear, nose and throat specialist as soon as possible.
3. Steam inhalation along with eucalyptus drops can help ease the congestion in your face.

Remember E.N.T.’s are specialists for the nose. We are here to help. Now get out there and throw the baseball, toss a frisbee and grill some veggies!

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