Ear Pain – Could it be stress? See an ENT if it persists.

Ear pain, or otalgia is a common reason why people seek ENT specialty care. As Otolaryngologists, we use special tools, including mini microscopes to get a more in depth view of the inside of the ear. Problems such as ear drainage, middle ear infections, and outer ear infections are some common causes of ear pain.

However, recently I have been seeing more and more patients who have stress as the primary cause for their ear pain. Stress can causes patients to clench their jaws and night as well as perhaps grind their teeth. This clenching actions causes stress and swelling on the jaw bone. The inflammation of the this joint (know as the temporomandibular joint) causes pain in the ear.

If you have ear pain that lasts more than a day, seek guidance and treatment from an ear, nose and throat specialist.

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