Ear Problems – Excess Ear Wax

Everday on Long Island, I see patients with wax accumulation in their ears. Wax is a normal secretion produced by glands in the ear. It serves to protect the ear from infection and lubricate the ear canal. Unfortunately, sometimes people produce or accumulate excess amounts of wax. Many patients will then try over the counter drops to get it out. Worse yet, others attempt to remove it with Q-tips or other instruments. Do not do this! Instrumenting your ear will push the wax deeper or can lead to damage of the delicate skin in the ear canal. Using foreign objects in the ear can also lead to puncture of the tympanic membrane (eardrum) resulting in hearing loss. If you are prone to excess wax buildup or are experiencing a clogging sensation in the ear, seek professional ENT help. Using our tiny instruments and other specialized equipment, we will be able to safely get the wax out leaving you with an uninjured and clean ear canal.

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