ENT Questions about Wax in my Garden City, NY location

This week I had an abundance of questions about wax. What is wax? Why do we have it? Should it come out? So here is the ear, nose and throat specialist information about wax.

Wax is made by tiny glands that reside deep in our ears. It serves to protect the delicate ear canal skin by acting as an anti-bacterial. Wax is then moved slowly out of the ear canal and falls out. New wax is then created. As we get older wax is still produced but may not come out. It then can build up and cause a “clogged” sensation.

Do not use q-tips to get it out! Q-tips can cause damage to the ear canal or can impact the wax deeper in the ear.

If you are experiencing hearing loss or a clogged feeling in the ear see us in our Long Beach, Garden City, Inwood or Rosedale locations. Using specialized ENT instruments we will take out the wax safely and throughly. It would be our pleasure to help you.

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