ENT tinnitus treatment – remedies and lessons learned in Long Beach and Garden City, NY

Tinnitus is a sound that my ENT patients hear that is NOT coming from an external source.  For example, a buzzing sound that comes from an overhead light would not be considered tinnitus. Rather, tinnitus is a noise that ENT patients hear that is coming from inside their head.

I see hundreds of ENT patients with tinnitus from Island Park, Garden City, Long Beach and Oceanside, NY every year.  If you have tinnitus, the first step is to make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist.  We will perform an in-depth ENT examination to rule out any more concerning causes of the noise such as an inner-ear tumor, mass, or growth.

Once a full ear, nose and throat evaluation is done, we will search for ways to decrease the noise.  Some simple ways to control the tinnitus include:

1. Cutting back on caffeine

2. Decreasing wine

3. Turning on soothing background music such as classical pieces

Remember if you live in Garden City, Long Beach, Island Park, Oceanside or surrounding areas we are here to help.  As ENT specialists, we are uniquely qualified to diagnose, evaluate and treat tinnitus so you can live a more peaceful life.

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