Fight sinus and allergy problems from your Long Beach and Garden City pantries

What you stock in your pantry may just be your secret to better sinus and allergy health.  I frequently tell my ear, nose and throat patients in Long Beach, NY and Garden City that there are many easy items to keep on hand.  With a pinch here and a dash there you can slowly fight your way back from E.N.T. sinus and allergy health problems.  So load up!  Whether you live in Long Beach, Garden City, Island Park or Oceanside stock up on these things and tell a friend.  You find yourself living a healthier ear, nose and throat life!

Items for the Long Beach and Garden City pantry:

1. Cinnamon – high in antioxidants

2. Ginger – fights inflammation

3. Turmeric – also combats swelling and inflammation

You can find many of these items at local grocery stores.  Here’s to eating your way back to sinus happiness!

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