Helping with Nasal Congestion and Allergies in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY

There are so many signs of allergies.  From phlegm, nasal congestion, headache, facial pressure to post nasal drip, coughing fits and itchy eyes, all can be indicative of allergies.  In Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY, allergies are in full bloom right now.

There are a number of remedies so that you can get back outside and enjoy the outdoors (and what can be better than a day at the beach in Long Beach or a stroll down Franklin Avenue in Garden City, NY?).  First, see an ENT specialist.  Using our special ear, nose and throat tools we will diagnose the specific nasal issue and target it.  Second, use nasal saline to rinse out the nasal allergens. Third, use air conditioning when driving.  Air conditioning filters the air and will decrease your allergy load.

We provide in-office diagnostics including nasal endoscopy and in-office allergy testing.  With this powerful combination of ENT tools, we will target your nasal allergies and get you back on the Long Beach, NY boardwalk or dining al fresco in Garden City, NY.

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