Hoarse? Have phlegm in Long Beach, NY or Garden City, NY? We have answers

For those throat clearers out there, this is for you.  Much to your chagrin, chronic throat clearing is not normal.  Phlegm or mucous in the throat leads to throat clearing.  But why does this occur?

I tell all of my ENT patients in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY that if they clear their throat, the first step is to set up a complete exam by an ear, nose and throat physician.  I utilize a gentle approach as I insert a camera into the nose.  This special ENT instrument goes beyond the nose and then is passed into the throat area.  I can then see the voice box and evaluate the area for areas of irritation.

One of the more common ENT causes for throat clearing is silent reflux (see picture below).  We can determine if our Long Beach, NY or Garden City, NY patients have this problem on the spot and develop an ear, nose and throat plan to get you back on track.relux 2

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