Listen up, Long Beach residents! Q-tips and you: Not perfect together.

We all love the beach and there is no better place to experience the wonderment of summer than in Long Beach, NY.  With it’s pristine beaches and sparkling water, Long Beach is the beach destination.  But with the lovely water, comes water in the ears.  Here’s an ENT tip, do NOT use Q-tips to clean those wet ears.

As ear, nose and throat physicians we know that Q-tips can cause ear canal scratches.  When water gets in an open area in the ear canal, bacteria can grow and an infection ensues.  We go swimming and sweat more during the summer, therefore we are more prone to outer ear infections.  As Long Beach residents, the more you are in the water, the great this problem becomes.  So, if you have a history of otitis externa (or outer ear infections) or are a Long Beach water lover, make sure to institute strict dry ear precautions which consist of using ear plugs and using a blow dryer (warm setting).

If your ears continue to bother you, we are here to serve the ear, nose and throat needs of the Long Beach community.

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