Long Beach ENT news – itchy eyes and sinus help

It’s allergy season and each day seems worse than the one before.  Here’s ENT news you use for Long Beach and Garden City sinus and allergy sufferers:

1. Carrier a nasal saline spray with you wherever you go.  Saline is not a medicine so you can use it multiple times a day.  By utilizing the saline, you will keep allergens and sinus issues at bay.

2. Ditto for artificial tears.  But be careful to read the ingredients to ensure that you are purchasing artificial tears only.  In many pharmacies it can be tricky to sort our which eye drops have saline only and which have decongestants.  Ask the pharmacist for help!

3. In Long Beach and Garden City you can see the allergens on your car.  Take this as a sign.  These allergens are sticking to your car and to your clothes.  Change your outer layer after you get home.

Follow these tips to a happier nose in Long Beach and Garden City, NY.  Remember, if you need ear, nose and throat help we are only a phone call away.  We would be happy to see you in Long Beach, Garden City or our Inwood locations.

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