Long Beach, NY – take a walk on the boardwalk and help your sinuses

Clogged sinuses can spell sleepless nights, fatigue, and facial pressure. One easy way to help yourself is to a take a walk on the boardwalk. In Long Beach, NY there is a lengthy boardwalk where you can get both exercise and inhale the fresh sea air. Clean sea air opens sinus drainage pathways and leads to healthier sinuses!

As an ENT in Long Beach, NY I frequently try to think of ways my patients can get a double benefit from the things I ask them to do. Along with quick walks on the Long Beach, NY boardwalk here are a few other tips I give my Garden City, NY, Island Park, NY, and Long Beach, NY ENT patients:

*inhale steam infused with eucalyptus to help open sinuses and your facial pores
*eat berries to help sinus health and help your heart
*use nasal saline to clean out your sinuses and to decrease colds

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