Nasal Infection? Long Beach, NY ENT takes on sinus congestion and pressure.

The weather in Long Beach and Garden City, NY has been a bit crazy. One day it is 70 degrees the next 90 and the next torrential rain. All of these rapid changes in temperature and humidity can put a lot of stress on the nasal tissues leading to sinus pressure and nasal congestion. When nasal swelling continues, nasal infections (aka sinusitis) can develop. If you are experiencing continued facial pain, pressure, nasal pressure, sinus pressure or sinus headache it is time to see an ENT doctor.

At Evergreen ENT, we are here to serve the Long Beach, Island Park, Oceanside and Garden City, NY communities. Using the latest diagnostics and technologies, we will take on your most severe nasal/sinus pressure. We would be happy to help you put nasal infections behind you!

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