Silent reflux – Keys to improving your life while at the beach in Long Beach, NY

6380184With the last of summer here, many of my patients in Garden City, NY and Long Beach, NY are firing up the grill one last time be it at the beach or at home. While barbecues are a wonderful way to get outside, be sure to hold back on spicy sauces to top off those juicy burgers.

Spicy foods along with tomatoes can increase the risk of silent reflux where acid comes up from your stomach and irritates your vocal cords.

If you are experiencing:
1. A feeling of a “lump in your throat”
2. Hoarseness
3. Phelgm

Call us to make an appointment at 516-431-0700. At Evergreen ENT, we will use the most modern technology to thoroughly check your voice box and we will empower you with the educational tools to get back on track!

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