Sinus headache and the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor

In this very hectic world, many people experience daily headaches. When you find yourself reaching for Tylenol and Advil frequently, it is time to see your doctor.

As an E.N.T. specialist I frequently see patients with sinus pain, pressure and headache. Indeed many of these patients have seen multiple other specialists including primary care doctors and neurologists before finding me. With a thorough history, physical and specialized nasal instruments ear, nose and throat specialists can determine if your headache, nasal pressure, facial discomfort etc. is coming from your sinuses.

Sinus disease can be treated with an in office procedure called balloon sinuplasty. It is in performed in the office and patients have no down time. They return to work the next day. So if you are experiencing frequent sinus pressure and headaches, make an appointment to see an Ear, nose and throat specialist. You can also get more information from this website or on my facebook page:

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