Sinus Headache – New Developments

Facial pain, headache, pressure between your eyes and a runny nose are the hallmarks of “sinus headache.” Each day I see numerous patients with these problems. Usually they come with a long history of problems. Most and have found it increasingly difficult to manage their daily lives. One patient told me that she used nasal sprays and took an Advil every time her daughter had a gymnastic meet to try and “get ahead” of the possiblity of a “sinus headache.”

Today, there are exciting new developments in the evaluation and management of sinus headache. After a complete ear, nose and throat evalution, we can offer medical and surgical options to our patients that are both effective and affordable. As ENT specialists, we are the best trained physicians to untangle the various factors that may be contributing to your sinus headache. Let us partner with you to alleviate your sinus disesae and debilitating headache.

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