Sinus Problems – Tackling Fall Allergies

9066037As we head into the waning days of summer, it is time to focus on the wonders of fall. Pumpkins, beautiful foliage and crisp evenings are the hallmarks of autumn. But fall brings many sinus and allergy difficulties as well. Here are a few best practice techniques that will keep you healthy and able to enjoy those amazing autumn days.

1. Rinse your nose with nasal saline in the morning and evening. Using saline is one of the easiest techniques to get the allergens out of the nasal passageway.

2. Do a through cleaning of heating system including radiators and vents to remove dust and other particles that may have accumulated over the spring and summer.

3. Take off your jacket immediately upon entering the house. With lots of outdoor activity, allergens will have collected on your outer layers. Remove them and place them in your closet so that you will not continue to inhale the outdoor allergens while inside your house.

If you continue to experience a “clogged” nose, pressure in your face or headaches, seek medical care from an experienced ENT. We have a number of prescription nasal medications that are easy to use, safe, and effective so that you can get back to your active life

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