Sneezing? Allergies are here in Long Beach, NY and Garden City as well as all over Long Island.

Have you noticed the sudden uptick in allergies over the past 2 weeks? In Long Beach and in Garden City, NY the allergy situation has really been quite remarkable. In fact, there were so many airborne allergy particles last week that I could not find my car as it was completely covered in pollen. So aside from just “living” with sneezing fits and nasal congestion what is someone to do? Here are a few tips to keep you on track during the allergy season.
1. Try to limit outdoor exposure if you have severe allergies
2. Seek medical treatment/guidance from an ENT specialist
3. Use your prescribed medical nasal sprays on a regular basis
4. Make nasal saline your new best friend. By constantly spraying your nose with saline, you will rinse out the allergens before they cause excess congestion.

Remember, make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist if you have allergies. I have been happy to help numerous patients in the Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY areas to lead happier and healthier lives. Here is to a wonderful spring/summer!

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