Sore Throat, Phelgm and Ear, Nose, Throat Doctors

9601680Every day, I see patients who complain of throat clearing, phlegm, and sore throat. Many of these people have seen their family doctors or have visited a walk-in clinic and have received antibiotics without improvement.
It gives me great pleasure to accurately diagnose and treat many of these patient for LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux aka silent reflux). As an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist I can place an endoscope (bright long light) down a patient’s nose to visualize their voice box. I can see if they have swelling in particular areas and diagnose them with LPR. The picture to the left demonstrates swelling in the area of the voice box.

LPR can be successfully treated with a regimen including both dietary and lifestyle changes. So if you are experience chronic sore throats and throat irritation it may be time to see your local ear, nose and throat specialist.

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