The Lesser Known Sinus Symptoms: Fatigue, Bad Breath and Dental Pain

Most people can spot the most well-known symptoms of sinus disease:  nasal congestion, pressure in the face, discolored discharge from the nose.  But it is important to remember that more vague symptoms such as feeling run down, general fatigue, difficulty concentrating and cough can also be signs of sinusitis.  Other symptoms of sinus infection can include problems foul breath and dental pain.

In fact it can be very challenging for both patients and general medical doctors to determine if you have a sinus infection.  In our ear, nose and throat speciality we use both a history and our special nasal endoscope lights to go deep into the nose to determine if you have a sinus infection.  Using our powerful cameras and lights we can actually see the sinus drainage passageways to accurately diagnose a sinus infection and determine the best course of treatment.

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