The recurring question of wax – What I answer everyday in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY

Ah wax. So many questions and so much erroneous information out there. At Evergreen ENT we not only work on the most complex of sinus disease but also common issues such as wax.

Wax is an anti-bacterial that is made by glands deep in the ear canal. It serves to protect the ear canal. Once it does it work, it is moved out of the canal by tiny hairs (called cilia).

Many patients like to instrument their ears with a variety of objects such as q-tips. bobby pins, key etc. DO NOT DO THIS! Sticking things in the ear will
1. damage the natural cilia in the ear
2. will push some of the wax in deeper into the ear
3. can cause ear drum damage/perforation
4. can lead to tiny cuts in the outer ear and outer ear infections

If you are prone to making excess amounts of wax or if you feel like your ears are clogged, call us at 516-431-0700. As ENT specialists we will be delighted to give you a thorough ear ex

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