Tips from Long Beach Ear, Nose and Throat – Stay healthy!

We are in the depths of the polar vortex and each day seems to bring colder and colder temperatures to our city of Long Beach, New York!  As an ear, nose and throat specialist I am seeing a large increase in patients complaining of nasal dryness, bleeding and/or throat pain.  One of the easiest ways to help combat these issues is to get a humidifier.  Be sure to get one that you can set the humidity percentage (best practice is to keep the humidity at 50%).

Be sure to turn it on a few hours BEFORE you goto sleep for maximum benefit.  In this way, when you hit the sack your nose and throat passageways will get nice moisturized air.

As it seems like the winter in Long Beach will never end, take these easy to implement ear, nose and throat tips to heart and stay healthy this winter!  If your symptoms do not get better, be sure to visit us in any of our 4 locations (Long Beach, NY, Garden City, NY, Inwood, NY or Rosedale, NY).

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