Waking up parched in your Long Beach, NY or Garden City, NY home?

It is still fall but with blustery winds, winter seems to be close at hand.  When the heat comes on in our homes, our mouths, noses and throat dry out.  Usually, we feel this when we first wake up as we yearn for a tall glass of water to quench our thirst.

Unfortunately, our noses remain dry and can worsen allergies.  The tissue of our nose serves as a protective barrier, limiting foreign material like viruses, bacteria, all allergens from entering our bodies.  When the nasal tissue is dry, it can not work well and these materials can more easily penetrate and cause illness.

One simple remedy is to buy a humidifier.  Make sure to turn it on several hours before bed.  Many humidifiers now come with an “auto” function, allowing you to set the humidity level and walk away.

By keeping your nasal tissues moist, you will sleep more soundly and protect yourself from illnesses and allergies this winter season in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY.  Remember, should you fall ill, we are here to serve you in all three of our locations:  Long Beach, Garden City and Inwood, making a trip to see us at Evergreen Ear, nose and throat never more than a few minutes away.


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