We are offering NEW ALLERGY services in our Garden City, NY and Long Beach, NY offices

Fall is the “sneeziest” season of them all.  As the leaves come down in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY your allergies may go crazy.  But don’t despair, as your health care partners we can develop a treatment plan to tackle even the most stubborn Long Isalnd allergies.

First, we are proud to offer in-office allergy testing in our Long Beach, NY location.  The test is relatively painless and takes about 20 minutes.

Coupled with our advances nasal scopes and instruments, our allergy testing sets us apart from other health care providers on Long Island.  We will create a targeted allergy treatment plan that may incorporate non medical changes (such as avoidance), medications, holistic therapies and procedures if necessary.

We stand apart as ear, nose and throat physicians who embrace both medical, holistic and surgical approaches to allergies and sinus disease.  We WILL find the right allergy plan for you.a woman blowing on a dandelion muted colors vintage toned

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