What Long Beach Surfers and Beach lovers need to know about surfer’s ear

Ah!  One can’t help make that wonderful relaxing sound as you feel the Long Beach ocean breeze hit your face.  But as you frolic by the Long Beach ocean, here are a few things to remembers as you get cozy with the Long Beach water.

For those that are Long Beach water lovers, remembers that repeated contact with ocean water can lead to surfer’s ear.  As ear, nose and throat specialists, we know that the ear canal skin is delicate with little to no fat between the ear canal skin and bone.  So when you have repeated contact with Long Beach ocean water with swimming or surfing, the cold water can lead to non-cancerous bony growths called exostoses.

Over time exostoses can grow and ultimately block off the ear canal and decrease hearing.  As E.N.T. specialists we help diagnose and guide patients on steps to take to halt exostoses growth.  By using ear plugs, either over the counter brands or custom, the ear canal is protected making it more difficult for exostoses to proliferate.

So, if you love going to our Long Beach ocean front go ahead!  Just remember to bring along your ear plugs and see an ear, nose and throat specialist to determine if you have exostoses.  We would be happy to see you!

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